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Wills.  My parents had a belief, common to their generation, that you should squirrel away your will in a place that was difficult to access.  I’m not sure why this belief took hold – perhaps it was based on the fear that some unscrupulous heir would find the will and use white-out to change the will to their advantage.

Whatever the reason, people tend to hide or at a minimum store their wills under lock and key.  As an executor, you do not want to be playing hide and seek with your deceased parent.  If you can not locate the deceased’s will the estate will go into probate.  This is exactly what a will is supposed to prevent.

Tip: You should determine the location of the original copy of your parent’s will before they die.  This conversation is not about the content of the will and should not be contentious. If there is a safe deposit box involved, be sure to find out where the key is, the location of the box, and the number of the box.

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