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My sister Jodie reminds me that pets are people too.  All pet owners want a loving home for their pets when they are no longer around to care for them. See Jodie’s post below.

For many older people living alone, Fido is their best friend.  Knowing their pet will be loved forever and given that well deserved kibble will give them peace of mind.  Making arrangements for a pet can be a difficult decision, the best option, is a friend or family member, especially if they already know and love the pet.

If this is not possible, purebreds from Basset Hounds to Great Danes may be able to be returned to the breeder, as all reputable breeders will always take back their animals.  If this won’t work, purebred, or even dogs that are a little this and a lot of that, but predominantly one breed can be turned into purebred rescues.

The last option of course is turning them into a no-kill organization such as the North Shore Animal League America or the ASPCA.

Making these plans well in advance will make both Fido and Fido’s mom or dad feel much more comfortable, and these plans should be discussed and written down so everyone knows for sure what the plan is, and if it includes any special drugs or health routine.   Money can be set aside for  Fido’s health and well-being  for food and trips to the groomer, and this should be discussed and written down, too.


Jodie, Dixie and Cody

No pet lover would willingly forget to make arrangements for their pets ~ however, some may not be specific enough about it or make assumptions that are not feasible.  Sometimes, the best laid plans can go wrong.  As a Board member of San Francisco Samoyed Rescue, I rescued a 10-year-old female Samoyed, Dixie, who was returned to the breeder when the person who had promised to take Dixie changed her mind.  But as you can see, her loss was my gain.


Tip: Check with veterinarians in your area as they often know of families that are looking for a pet.




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